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OMG - My Lips Are Wrinkly and Flat!

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Help Me Stop My Lips From Shrinking!

You’ll lose lip volume if you aren’t careful to limit these issues – most of which involve damage to the fat pads in our face and lips.

Avoid Straws! 

Straws aren’t only terrible for the environment; straws require repetitive mouth movements to suck up those liquids which strain the lip fat pads.


Kisses and making kissy faces are also bad for lips! Kisses are fun, so we don’t want to lay off those, but limit the puckering up in your pictures!



Fortunately, tobacco smoking is less of an issue now than it was in years past, but smoking pot isn’t good for your lips either because it adds pressure to those crucial fat pads.

Poor Hydration!

How are your lips going to stay plump if your body is dehydrated? Drink plenty of water and use medical grade lip balms! At Forever Slender MedSpa in Wayland, MA, and Norton, MA, we feature Environ products only available for sale within the spa. We also offer Skinmedica products which are available for shipment through our online store.

Get Your Beauty Rest!

Sleep and drinking lots of water will help your body produce collagen. Every year starting in your mid 20’s and continuing throughout your life, you will lose roughly 1-2% of your collagen. At first this doesn’t seem like much, but over time you’ll lose fullness in your face, neck and body. Give yourself the best chance to be beautiful!

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