Sorry, You Can’t Blame a Slowing Metabolism for Your Weight Gain

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Metabolisms Do Not Slow Down as We Age

It turns out everything we’ve been taught about how metabolisms work is completely wrong! For decades doctors and metabolic experts around the world have told us we will all have gradual metabolic rate slowing as we age, regardless of what we do. Charts like this one are all over the internet and are wrong!

Now, a huge new study of 6400 people aged eight to ninety-five years and from 29 countries will force all your favorite medical websites (WebMD, National Institute of Health, etc.) to revise their metabolic health advice if they want to remain accurate.

Your Metabolism At Age 55 Is The Same As When You Were 20!

Doctors have long thought babies have the highest metabolic rate and that is true. For the first year of our lives, the metabolic rate of the average human is 50% higher than at any other point. Over the course of our childhoods, our metabolic rates drop about 3% a year on average.

Once we hit 20 years old, our metabolic rate does not change at all until we hit age 60, a major revision from previous understanding. Check out the chart above to see what we’ve all been told previously. The graph should show a flat line from ages 20-60 instead the huge drop displayed for both women and men.

After we turn 60, the average person will see a very slow metabolic rate decline – less than 1% a year! This shows even at the outer edges of our lives we shouldn’t blame a slowing metabolism as the causes of weight gain, as even at age 80 we still are only 15% slower than we were at 20!

Women Do Not Have Slower Metabolisms Than Men!

Yep, we’ve all been told women have slower metabolisms and women will have their metabolisms slow over time more than men. Not True Either! These researchers went back to look at the data and when they accounted for the size of the person and the amount of muscle the individual had, all the differences went away.

It should surprise nobody larger individuals will burn more calories than a smaller person and guys are generally 15-20% larger than a typically sized woman. This simple fact explains much of the rationale as to why guys lose weight faster. Menopause appears to play no role at all in metabolic rate, and neither does pregnancy. It’s time to revise a whole lot of articles and time to for doctors and nutritionists to relearn what they had learned and described.

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