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A Collagen Building Alternative to Dermal Fillers

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A Collagen Building Alternative to Dermal Fillers

About Hyaluronic Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a beauty addiction for so many of us because they can take your sagging face and literally fill them back up in a matter of moments. Cheeks are plumped, under eyes no longer look so old and sunken with dark circles under your eyes and a dark shadow over the lower eye lid.

Collagen fades away every year from age 25 onwards and we all lose 1% or more of what we have every single year. Without the collagen, and with our facial fat pads slowly succumbing to gravity and sliding down off your upper face, hollows and sunken features is a dreaded expectation more than anything.

Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine and Dermal Filler Vaccine Interactions

Three of the 30,000 people in the Moderna vaccine trial who already had hyaluronic dermal fillers experienced some swelling after receiving the vaccine. It’s important to understand these rare incidents of facial swelling reactions were mild and were treated with oral steroids and/or oral antihistamines with a rapid recovery.

Dermal fillers should not stop you from receiving the vaccine and there appears to be an even smaller potential of an issue if you receive dermal fillers after getting the vaccine. The risk of getting the COVID-19 virus substantially outweighs the risk of receiving a reaction when patient has dermal fillers.

UltraLift, a Dermal Filler Alternative

Forever Slender MedSpa, long and widely appreciated as the #1 medical spa in Massachusetts, offers our patients UltraLift, a fantastic, nonsurgical face tightening option for patients who want to rebuild the collagen in faces and necks. UltraLift is a non-invasive treatment which rebuilds not only collagen but also elastin. No surgery, no downtime!

UltraLift HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) will enable collagen and elastin growth for the next 3-12 months, so you will see both immediate facial improvement but also slower, continuing improvement because collagen and elastin improvements take time to fully occur.

Forever Slender MedSpa patients love their results

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