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Nutrition Plan


This was created for people who are stuck on their weight and want to boost their metabolisms. This is a chemical diet and must be followed exactly for 3 days. After that you can go back to your regular routine eating healthy and wise!See the detailed diet plan


We created this unique 4-week Nutrition Plan which ensures you are satisfied and not feeling starving! Our 4-Week Plan desires to help everybody to not only reach their goals, but more importantly to modify the way they think about foods and eliminate cravings. Our goal is to help recognize which week you like the most and identify what it is about that week you like and add that to you new way of thinking about food. Practice all these phases or memorize your favorite phase and do it!!! If you learn how to eat you never going to gain weight because you’ll be in control of the food and not the food in control of you.

  • Phase One: Detoxify from carbohydrates.
  • Phase Two: Add one carb and dairy.
  • Phase Three: You are challenging yourself to learn control. You will have one free meal (eat anything you like)
  • Phase Four: Build upon phase one, two and three.

WEIGHT LOSS IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS IS POSSIBLE. DON’T FALL INTO ANOTHER TRAP. SHED THE WEIGHT AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER. Important things to keep in mind: Enjoying what you eat is important and don’t be afraid of trying healthy foods. Do not let the food control your mind – take control of the food! Think positive and be proud of yourself! Before beginning any diet program, we suggest you consult your personal physician if you have any questions or concerns about your physical condition or dietary requirements. See our recipes page for nutrition ideas!