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Why Do Body Wraps Slim Your Body?

Maria Martin | 07/21/2021

Got a Big Event or Annoying Cellulite? Body Wraps Might Be Your Answer!


Why settle for less when you can look awesome?

Maria Martin | 07/13/2021

Trade in Your Sad Lips for Beautiful, Luscious, Round Ones!


Why Men Love HydraFacials

Maria Martin | 07/09/2021

Men Need to Look Young More than Ever Before


Why Women Hate Forehead Wrinkles!

Maria Martin | 07/08/2021

Do You Hate Forehead Wrinkles? Of Course You Do!


How Much Do I Need to Exercise to Burn Off Favorite Food Calories?

Maria Martin | 07/02/2021

Eat too much food? How much exercise to burn it off?


Check Out the Rebuilt Butt of This MetroWest Woman!

Maria Martin | 06/29/2021

Don’t You Really Want to Know How to Get a Round Butt


Learn Why Choosing the Right Sunscreen Can Save Your Skin – or Not!

Maria Martin | 06/22/2021

Learn how to make the right sunscreen choices.


Get The Lip Flip – Give Your Lips the Plumping They’ve Always Wanted!

Maria Martin | 06/18/2021

Give Your Lips the Plumping They’ve Always Wanted!


Did You Lose Your Chin Because Your Neck Sagged?

Maria Martin | 06/14/2021

Go From 2 Chins Back to 1!


Clear Pores and Eliminate Face Redness with a HydraFacial

Maria Martin | 06/07/2021

Got a Big Event Coming Up? HydraFacials Will Give Your Face a Glow Without Downtime!


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) For Elimination of Face and Body Sunspots

Maria Martin | 06/04/2021

Spent too much time in the sun and damaged your skin? See how our IPL can restore your skin to clear beauty.


Bolton Woman Restores Glow - Hydrafacial and Dermaplaning Before & After

Maria Martin | 05/29/2021

Bolton Woman Hydrafacial Before and After: Unclogs Pores and Restores Facial Glow with a HydraFacial and Dermaplaning


Botox Smooth Your Forehead Wrinkles Like This Wellesley Woman

Maria Martin | 05/28/2021

Botox Your 11’s Smooth Like This Wellesley Woman


Get Your Back Back! Eliminate Back Fat with CoolSculpting

Maria Martin | 05/24/2021

Eliminate Your Back and Bra Fat With CoolSculpting at Forever Slender MedSpa. Check Out These Before and After Pictures!


See Boston Woman’s Rosacea and Clogged Pores Before and After Pictures

Maria Martin | 05/17/2021

Rosacea can really mess up your skin, nose, and face but check out these before and after Hydrafacial pictures!


Forever Slender Medspa Introduces Sara Torres as Nursing Director

Maria Martin | 05/14/2021

Forever Slender MedSpa would like you to get to know Sara Torres, our new Nursing Director.


Check Out These Amazing Before and After CoolTone Buttock Pictures

Lisa Barna, M.D. | 05/07/2021

Remember how nice your butt looked in your teens and 20’s?


Leg Cellulite Before & After Velashape III – From Orange Peel to Silky Smooth

Maria Martin | 04/30/2021

Leg Cellulite Be Gone! Check out These Tremendous Velashape 3 Before and After Pictures


Check Out Before and After Pictures Eliminating Fat with CoolSculpting!

Maria Martin | 04/26/2021

Check out these amazing before and after pictures showing female abdominal fat elimination!


Shrinko De Mayo Fiesta! – Have Fun, Kill Your Fat Cells and Build Core Muscles

Maria Martin | 04/23/2021

Shrinko De Mayo Fiesta! CoolSculpt and CoolTone Your Body to Eliminate Extra Fat and Build Up Your Core Muscles!


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