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Maria Martin | 11/29/2021

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How to Get Rid of Forehead Fine Lines

Maria Martin | 11/12/2021

Learn how to get rid of forehead finelines.


Why Men Need to Reverse Weight Gains While as Young as Possible

Maria Martin | 11/01/2021

Read About Why Men Need to Start Losing Weight ASAP!


Diet Drinks Are Making Women Fat

Maria Martin | 10/14/2021

Learn Why You Need to Immediately Stop Using Artificial Sugars


How Covid-19 Attacks Fat Cells and Increases Hospitalization Rates

Maria Martin | 10/04/2021

Fat Cells Are the Gateway to Covid-19 Infection and Hospitalization


You Didn’t Gain Weight Because You Ate Too Much

Maria Martin | 09/20/2021

It Isn’t How Much You Ate - Find Out Why


Meet Evy, Forever Slender MedSpa’s Fantastic New RN!

Maria Martin | 09/14/2021

Evy enjoys working with both women and men and making them look and feel amazing.


How One Woman Reduced Flank Fat

Maria Martin | 09/10/2021

Gaining Fat is too Easy!


Yes, You Can Have a Nonsurgical Face Lift!

Maria Martin | 09/07/2021

Think You Need Surgery To Get A Fantastic FaceLift Result? Think Again…


Sorry, You Can’t Blame a Slowing Metabolism for Your Weight Gain

It turns out everything we’ve been taught about how metabolisms work is completely wrong! Click to read more...


CoolSculpting Accomplishes What Diet and Exercise Cannot

Maria Martin | 08/09/2021

Exercise and a Great Diet are Great, But CoolSculpting Offers Another Option


Believe it or Not, Potatoes can help with weight control!

Maria Martin | 07/26/2021

It isn’t just the foods you eat, it’s how you prepare them too!


Why Do Body Wraps Slim Your Body?

Maria Martin | 07/21/2021

Got a Big Event or Annoying Cellulite? Body Wraps Might Be Your Answer!


Why settle for less when you can look awesome?

Maria Martin | 07/13/2021

Trade in Your Sad Lips for Beautiful, Luscious, Round Ones!


Why Men Love HydraFacials

Maria Martin | 07/09/2021

Men Need to Look Young More than Ever Before


Why Women Hate Forehead Wrinkles!

Maria Martin | 07/08/2021

Do You Hate Forehead Wrinkles? Of Course You Do!


How Much Do I Need to Exercise to Burn Off Favorite Food Calories?

Maria Martin | 07/02/2021

Eat too much food? How much exercise to burn it off?


Check Out the Rebuilt Butt of This MetroWest Woman!

Maria Martin | 06/29/2021

Don’t You Really Want to Know How to Get a Round Butt


Learn Why Choosing the Right Sunscreen Can Save Your Skin – or Not!

Maria Martin | 06/22/2021

Learn how to make the right sunscreen choices.


Get The Lip Flip – Give Your Lips the Plumping They’ve Always Wanted!

Maria Martin | 06/18/2021

Give Your Lips the Plumping They’ve Always Wanted!


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