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Rediscover the Hidden, Thinner You

Maria Martin | 08/04/2022

Learn about how to discover the thinner you!


Where Can CoolSculpting® Elite be Used on the Body?

Maria Martin | 07/16/2022

Body contouring is easy with CoolSculpting Elite. See how this innovative technology removes fat pockets from smaller and larger body areas alike.


Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute - Eliminate Your Fat Before Your Big Event!

Maria Martin | 07/12/2022

Learn more about how CoolSculpting can do away with your stubborn fat!


Restore Hair to Your Head with Microneedling and PRP!

Maria Martin | 07/07/2022

You Can Keep Your Lush Hair with Just a Few Treatments


Nonsurgical Fat Killing CoolSculpting Elite Provides Amazing Results

Maria Martin | 07/05/2022

Nonsurgical Fat Killing CoolSculpting Elite Provides Amazing Results


Dysport and Restylane Products Combined to Change this Woman’s Life

Maria Martin | 06/28/2022

Dysport and Restylane Products Combined to Change this Woman’s Life


You Don’t Need to Sweat All Over Your New Dress

Maria Martin | 06/22/2022

Read about how and why your armpits could be sweating more than normal!


Tighten Your Abdominals, Thighs and Butt with CoolTone in Wayland

Maria Martin | 06/14/2022

Get Your Body Tight For the Summer at Forever Slender MedSpa


Woman Rejuvenates Face, Eliminates Wrinkles with Botox in Wayland

Maria Martin | 06/08/2022

Botox and neurotoxins administered by a skilled injector should be your best friend!


How You Can Effectively Lose 20-25% of Your Fat in One 35 Minute Treatment

Maria Martin | 06/07/2022

CoolSculpting Elite at Forever Slender MedSpa is Changing Lives Forever!


Older Individuals Can Benefit from Dermal Fillers and Neurotoxins Too!

Maria Martin | 05/23/2022

You Can Be the Youngest Looking of All Your Friends, No Matter What Your Age.


Watch How This 50+ Acton Smoothed Her Forehead Wrinkles

Maria Martin | 05/13/2022

Learn about the different wrinkle reduction methods available to you at Forever Slender MedSpa.


CoolSculpting Elite Vs. EmSculpt – Which Procedure Kills More Fat Cells?

Maria Martin | 05/03/2022

Learn Which Treatment Kills More Fat Cells


Freeze Away Your Abdominal Fat with CoolSculpting Elite!

Maria Martin | 04/19/2022

Discussing the benefits of CoolSculpting Elite!


CoolSculpting Elite Kills Almost 20% More Fat than Regular CoolSculpting

Maria Martin | 04/13/2022

Why Keep Your Fat? We Can Destroy it with CoolSculpting Elite in 35 Minutes!


Why CoolSculpting Elite Eliminates Double Chins

Maria Martin | 03/23/2022

CoolSculpting technology can help eliminate your double chins. Read on to find out more.


Juvéderm Can Give You That Perfect Pout

Maria Martin | 03/17/2022

Discussing the benefits of Juvéderm.


Botox vs. Dysport for Elimination of Forehead Wrinkles – Which is Better?

Maria Martin | 03/14/2022

Wrinkle Fighting Neurotoxins Face Off!


Why Forehead Wrinkles Appear

Maria Martin | 03/08/2022

Today's post discusses the causes of forehead wrinkles.


Why Young People Have Glowing Skin and Older People Do Not

Maria Martin | 03/03/2022

Discussing the causes of and treatments for dull skin.


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