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Older Individuals Can Benefit from Dermal Fillers and Neurotoxins Too!

Maria Martin | 05/23/2022

You Can Be the Youngest Looking of All Your Friends, No Matter What Your Age.


Watch How This 50+ Acton Smoothed Her Forehead Wrinkles

Maria Martin | 05/13/2022

Learn about the different wrinkle reduction methods available to you at Forever Slender MedSpa.


CoolSculpting Elite Vs. EmSculpt – Which Procedure Kills More Fat Cells?

Maria Martin | 05/03/2022

Learn Which Treatment Kills More Fat Cells


Freeze Away Your Abdominal Fat with CoolSculpting Elite!

Maria Martin | 04/19/2022

Discussing the benefits of CoolSculpting Elite!


CoolSculpting Elite Kills Almost 20% More Fat than Regular CoolSculpting

Maria Martin | 04/13/2022

Why Keep Your Fat? We Can Destroy it with CoolSculpting Elite in 35 Minutes!


Why CoolSculpting Elite Eliminates Double Chins

Maria Martin | 03/23/2022

CoolSculpting technology can help eliminate your double chins. Read on to find out more.


Juvéderm Can Give You That Perfect Pout

Maria Martin | 03/17/2022

Discussing the benefits of Juvéderm.


Botox vs. Dysport for Elimination of Forehead Wrinkles – Which is Better?

Maria Martin | 03/14/2022

Wrinkle Fighting Neurotoxins Face Off!


Why Forehead Wrinkles Appear

Maria Martin | 03/08/2022

Today's post discusses the causes of forehead wrinkles.


Why Young People Have Glowing Skin and Older People Do Not

Maria Martin | 03/03/2022

Discussing the causes of and treatments for dull skin.


Want Luscious Lips? This Massachusetts Woman Just Got Them!

Maria Martin | 02/28/2022

This post covers how to obtain plumper lips.


Global Warming Means Longer Spring and Summer!

Maria Martin | 02/23/2022

There are a lot of negative effects to climate change but we’re going to stick to talking about a practical effect.


Botox is the Duct Tape of Beauty - Got a Problem, Botox Can Fix It!

Maria Martin | 02/14/2022

Botox has been FDA approved for a variety of uses besides wrinkles. This multi-purpose injection could be the key for your treatment.


Everything You Need to Know About Coolsculpting Elite

Maria Martin | 02/07/2022

CoolSculpting Elite is the most advanced fat reduction technique designed to sculpt and contour your body without surgery.


Is Elite CoolSculpting Better than Regular CoolSculpting?

Maria Martin | 01/18/2022

Learn about the difference between regular coolscultping and Elite CoolSculpting.


Eliminating Body Fat Is Crucial to Improving Your Health

Maria Martin | 01/04/2022

Read about why eliminating fat is so important to your general wellbeing and how Forever Slender MedSpa can help.


Eliminate Your Extra Chins with CoolSculpting

Maria Martin | 12/28/2021

Learn how CoolSculpting can eliminate your double chin!


Body Fat is a Covid Target and Increases Digestive Cancers

Maria Martin | 12/15/2021

Read about why body fat puts you at an increased risk of covid and digestive cancers.


Download the New Forever Slender MedSpa App!

Maria Martin | 11/29/2021

Schedule appointments, earn loyalty points, and see upcoming events on our new app!


How to Get Rid of Forehead Fine Lines

Maria Martin | 11/12/2021

Learn how to get rid of forehead finelines.


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