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New Ways to Eliminate Fat

Over time, your body may have become less effective at burning fat. Seeing fat building up can be frustrating, especially if you have led a healthy lifestyle. Most people do not want to undergo a surgical procedure to reduce fat deposits. Self-confidence often goes hand in hand with a healthy, contoured body, so we offer non-surgical alternatives (CoolSculpting Elite, Body Wraps, Lipo Laser) to achieve fat reduction. All these options work with your body’s natural elimination system in different but effective ways and provide tremendous results.

LipoLean is a specialized compound designed to permanently dissolve fat and is administered with tiny needles. Following injection, the fat cells absorb the compound causing them to swell and harden, triggering a bodily response. The body breaks them down and flushes them out through increased liver function. The removed fat cells can no longer expand with weight gain, leaving only smooth, contoured treatment areas.

Since vitamin B12 is responsible for helping your body use fat and burn carbs for energy, with a restored level of B12, your body can more effectively use energy and boost your metabolism.


  • LipoLean B12 boosts your body’s ability to flush out fat cells through your natural systems

  • LipoLean B12 produces long-term results with a reduced chance of weight gain in treated areas
  • LipoLean B12 provides a metabolism boost

Why Patients Choose LipoLean B12

The primary benefit of LipoLean B12 is a nonsurgical reduced fatty tissue at your treated areas, but it also enhances your metabolism and helps you make better use of the energy you consume. LipoLean B12 can be an excellent companion to your healthy lifestyle.

How It Works

When it comes to reducing fat, many people believe spot training workouts are the way to achieve desired contours in a particular area. This does not usually work for a few reasons. Many people do not have the ability to effectively burn fat in the area because of a lack of vitamins, nutrients, and metabolism. Spot training is more likely to tone muscle than burn fat. LipoLean B12 addresses both factors, enabling you to naturally slim down your areas without overworking without results.

Your Customized LipoLean Treatment

During your consultation with our experts, we will create the treatment plan that works best for you and your goals. We can assess your treatment areas and cosmetic goals to recommend the best treatment plan for you (potentially including CoolSculpting Elite, Body Wraps, Lipo Laser) and/or additional steps.

Your LipoLean B12 Results

Your treatment results will be highly individualized, but our experts can give you the best idea of when to expect results. Most patients begin to see results after two weeks. After full treatment, you can expect your target areas to appear slimmer, more contoured, and more toned. We expect you will also feel more energized and confident in your exercise and diet regimen.

Your Consultation at Forever Slender MedSpa

LipoLean B12 can be a great option for supplementing your fat reduction goals without the need for surgery and downtime. To begin discussing how LipoLean can work for you, contact our office to schedule an injectable consultation with our experts and get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose weight with LipoLean B12?

LipoLean is not a weight-loss method. It contributes to the success of your diet and exercise regimen. You can expect to lose some inches at your treatment areas, but not overall pounds.

What are the LipoLean B12 ingredients?

LipoLean B12 contains all the naturally occurring vitamins, nutrients, acids, and minerals your body needs to effectively burn fat and use energy. These include methionine, choline, levocarnitine, chromium picolinate, inositol, and Vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12. You can learn more about how these ingredients can benefit you during a consultation with our experts.

How often should I get the shot?

We will discuss the best treatment plan for you during a consultation, but LipoLean can be administered as often as once a week.

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