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Believe it or Not, Potatoes can help with weight control!

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Did you know potatoes are originally from Peru? Potatoes were cultivated sometime between the year 8000 and 5,000 BCE. In 1536, Spanish conquistadors conquered Peru and over the next 40 or so years potatoes became a staple crop across the European continent.

Potatoes not only supply fiber to your body, they also can provide resistant starch, a unique carbohydrate which naturally increases body's fat-burning processes. You can't digest or absorb resistant starch, and when resistant starch reaches the large intestine, it will be fermented and trigger the body to burn fat.

Cooked, cooled potatoes naturally form more resistant starch, so to boost the content, allow your potatoes to cool to room temperature before eating them. You can also add leftover, refrigerated potatoes to garden salads or transform them into potato salad, dressed in a mustard vinaigrette.

Potatoes offer another benefit linked to weight control. Potatoes are more satiating than pasta, rice, and other starchy carbs. In a recent study, volunteers ate fewer calories eating potatoes even without portion limits. The potato eaters also didn’t eat more calories later in the day.

How You Cook Your Potatoes Matters

Frying anything, including potatoes, is not a nutritious cooking method. But is it best to boil or bake your taters?

A 2020 study looked at the impact of cooking methods on the contents of potato starch, vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants. The researchers found higher nutrient retention in potatoes cooked with microwaving or grilling, compared with boiling, steaming or other “wet" methods.

Don’t forget to leave the skin on when potatoes are boiled to preserve more nutrients to lessen mineral leaching out into the water. Don’t forget to cool those potatoes after cooking to increase the resistant starch content.

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