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Do You Hate Your Flappy Arms?

Many women develop upper arms which are fat and with loose skin. These arms can be embarrassing, and women can add them to the list of many bodily concerns we have which make us uncomfortable with our bodies. In the years I have spent helping women feel better about their bodies, so many women have told me they hate their arms. Clearly arms are a major concern, so let’s discuss what can be done about them.

Obviously, women have less muscular arms and bodies than our male counterparts to begin with and over time both men and women lose muscle. If women gain weight, the weight goes all over the body, including the arms. This added fat in the arms can stretch out and thin the skin.



How Can Forever Slender MedSpa Help Me?

Before we perform any treatments, we always perform a careful analysis to ensure you are being treated with the right procedure to provide you with the best possible results. This wonderful patient in the before/after above shared her arm concerns with us and we were able to eliminate fat within her upper arms. She is extremely happy with her newly sculpted arms! We always recommend an exercise program to add some muscle tone as well.

Excess skin is a challenge, but we have found sometimes when CoolSculpting is performed, the skin sometimes time to tighten somewhat because the fat cells undergo apoptosis (programmed cell death) over a period of three months.

We also recommend upping your collagen and skin elasticity with medical grade Environ treatments and serums which are available at Forever Slender MedSpa, the #1 Medical Spa in Massachusetts.

We take the time to understand your concerns and are proud of the results we deliver. 

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