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CoolSculpting Accomplishes What Diet and Exercise Cannot

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Benefits of a Great Diet

A healthy diet can be a tremendous positive to both near term and long-term health. A great diet provides the body the nutrients it requires to live and reduce the possibility of heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancers and many other conditions and diseases. Eating right provides your body the energy to go about your day with maximum alertness and energy.

If you have gained weight, a proper, reduced calorie diet can help shrink bloated fat cells throughout your body. The fat cells you have in your body at the age of 23 will be the same number you have the rest of your life, so gaining or losing weight depends upon the expansion or shrinking of those fat cells. Reducing food intake below the level of calories needed to support bodily processes will shrink those fat cells.

Benefits of a Solid Exercise Program

Exercise is also crucial to achieving long term health and fitness success. Physical activity levels have been found to be at least as important as aging to being able to maintain our physical capabilities over time. People who exercise less require a doctor more than people who work out.

Many people who begin and maintain an exercise routine find they no longer need the medications they had needed before because the condition needing treatment had been brought under control simply through greater fitness levels.

As with weight loss through a reduced calorie diet, you can shrink your body through an exercise routine. Generally, reducing calories and exercise program are linked together when fat loss is desired. Fat cells can shrink with the increased fat burning associated with an increase in exercise but once again those fat shrunken cells will remain in the body.


How CoolSculpting Elite and CoolTone Change You in Ways Diet and Exercise Cannot

Simply – CoolSculpting kills fat cells and they leave your body – permanently! With a strong diet and great exercise program, you will gain better health so we at Forever Slender MedSpa definitely  encourage you to do both of those things, but at the next slip up of extra caloric intake or lowered exercise you can immediately regain all the fat you’ve lost and more.

If you have had CoolSculpting, you will literally have fewer fat cells within your body to grab food and nutrition which floats on by down your bloodstream the next time you have an extra latte. You’ll still need to be careful because the fat cells which remain in your body will still be able to expand but at least you’ll have fewer of them!

With every CoolSculpting treatment you receive, 20-30% of the fat cells in the area treated will be eliminated – Forever! People of all ages, sexes and sizes can have their fat treated and eliminated. Some athletes with otherwise fantastic bodies might have a specific area where the fat doesn’t naturally disappear and find CoolSculpting treatment the way to go to finally eliminate unwanted fat.

Many millions of people have been successfully treated with CoolSculpting because it works so effectively at fat elimination. Forever Slender MedSpa has been an elite CoolSculpting provider for many years, and the experience and training of our staff is why we’ve had so many successful. treatments. 

CoolTone is step 2 of the training process, where step 1 is fat elimination through CoolSculpting Elite and step 2 is muscle building with CoolTone. You simply cannot build muscle in a gym like you can with CoolTone’s 30 minute sessions. For best muscle building results for the butt, abdominals or thighs you should get a package of 8-10 sessions and schedule 2-3 sessions a week. You’ll build your core muscles stronger than you’ve ever seen before.

Lift and Firm Your Rear and Love How You Look Again!

There is no longer any reason why you can’t gain amazing gluteus , abdominal or thigh muscle! CoolTone at Forever Slender MedSpa can give you a great butt, stronger and more beautiful thighs and fantastic, rock-solid abdominal muscles.

CoolTone uses rapid muscle Active Magnetic PulseTM stimulation to give you muscles you simply can’t easily acquire in a gym, no matter how much time and effort you spend working out.

Why Forever Slender MedSpa is the #1 Fat Treatment Center in Massachusetts

Patients come to us with fat and lack of muscle tone problems, and we fix them. No one eliminates fat and cellulite or develops core muscles like we do.

Links to learn more about our body sculpting treatments – Body Wraps, CoolSculpting Elite, CoolTone, Velashape III cellulite reduction. 

Face, Skin and Neck Treatments

Many patients also come for help with their face, skin, wrinkle and acne concerns. Once you’ve seen our face analysis technique you’ll know our analysis techniques are dramatically better than any you’ve experienced before. 

We offer high quality face, skin and neck treatments - Injectables, HydraFacial, Morpheus 8, Microneedling RF with PRP. We remove spots, warts, hair and regrow lost hair too! Check out all our procedures!

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