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Did You Lose Your Chin Because Your Neck Sagged?

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OMG! Where Did My Neck Go???!!!

Many people have had the unwelcome feeling they have lost their strong chin and gained an unwanted second chin. Why and how did this happen? Here are a few causes for chin loss...

• Weight Gain

• Collagen Loss (age related)

• Skin Elasticity Loss (age related)

• Poor Posture

How Can I Get My Single Chin Back?

Forever Slender MedSpa offers multiple solutions to the extra chin problem and we know how to give you a tighter one back. The before and after pictures below are for a woman in her 60’s who really wanted to tighten herself up so since we are elite CoolSculpting experts, we recommended some under chin CoolSculpting.

We can further improve her with some treatments to build collagen or through other methods we offer, but this result has dramatically decreased submental sagginess and improved her appearance. She was very happy with the result as you might expect!


These pictures are by no means unusual results for us. For many years Forever Slender MedSpa has been known as the best place to go for CoolSculpting because we are the experts in fat reduction and fat elimination! 

Need to Eliminate Fat Forever? Come to Forever Slender MedSpa!

CoolSculpting kills fat cells using cryolipolisis, where fat cells are selectively frozen and destroyed while surrounding tissues are unharmed. We can kill fat cells almost anywhere on your body – if you can pinch it, we can destroy it for you!

So many people have put on excess weight over the past few years, but there are ways to regain your body once again if you are ready to make the move.

Ready to Discover Why Forever Slender MedSpa is the #1 Fat Treatment Center in Massachusetts?

It’s actually quite simple, patients come to us with their fat-related issues and we fix them. Nobody eliminates fat or develops core muscles like we do. Most women have cellulite. If you do, we can help you with that too!

Learn More about our Body Sculpting Treatments – Body Wraps, Nutrition, CoolSculpting, CoolTone, Velashape III cellulite reduction

Face, Skin and Neck Treatments

We can help you with your face, skin, wrinkle and acne concerns too and promise our face analysis is 100% better than any you’ve experienced before.

We offer high quality face, skin and neck treatments, including:


Microneedling RF with PRP 

Many Other Procedures

On June 22nd We’ll have Our Summer Slimdown!

Our CoolSculpting party in early May overbooked, and with the pandemic restrictions still in place, we had to turn many of you away, but we promised to add a June event – Here it is!

Have fun and win prizes while eliminating fat and adding core muscle. Call, Text or email to reserve your spot, or just to schedule a consultation!

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