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Hey Guys - Get Your 6-Pack Back!

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Abdominal CoolSculpting and CoolTone

Remember that six pack you once had? Isn’t it time to get it back again? If you’ve been paying attention, you already know Forever Slender MedSpa is regarded as the Best Medical Spa in Massachusetts. If not, where have you been?





Not yet full results, 8 weeks after CoolSculpting Treatment (no CoolTone yet!)


CoolSculpting Elite

Are you ready to change your appearance? CoolSculpting Elite will kill about 20-30% of fat cells in the treatment area each time the area is treated. CoolSculpting has been a wildly successful procedure, and nobody has been more successful getting tremendous patient results than Forever Slender MedSpa in Wayland, Massachusetts and Norton, Massachusetts!

We have had thousands of happy CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting Elite patients over the years and have new happy patients every day. You should join them!


After you have cut the fat with CoolSculpting Elite, Step 2 is to rebuild your core muscles better than they’ve ever been before. CoolTone will strengthen your core muscles better than ever before because it works you harder than you can work yourself. The magnets within the CoolTone paddles force contraction and relaxation of whatever muscles it is working.

We can attach it to your abdominals and within 30 minutes your abdominals will have done a workout equivalent to thousands of situps! Try doing that at the gym! Don’t worry, we will adjust the settings to allow you to work your way up as you get your CoolTone workouts!

If you are looking for stronger and more toned thighs or a tighter butt, we can “Tone” them up too!

There’s a whole lot more information about CoolSculpting Elite, CoolTone and more in our Blog!

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We can help you remove or regrow hair, eliminate red or brown spots, remove warts and refresh your face with everything from Microneedling RF with PRP, Nonsurgical Face Lifts, HydraFacials and so much more.

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