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How Many Calories Are in Halloween Candy?

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We all love Halloween. We dress up our little ones in costumes they would never wear when they become older, then we wear crazy costumes our parents would never have approved of either!

We have a love/hate relationship with candy – we love to eat them, but the problem is we don’t know how to stop eating them!

Check out the graphics below and see what each package requires us to do to burn off the calories we have eaten. If we just each one or two of these there’s no big deal but most of us are not able to show that sort or self-control. Naturally this list doesn’t include the other sweets and cookies which seem to go along for the season as well!

These are all the “fun sized” versions of these bars so if you are eating full sized versions these calories and needed exercises to burn them will be 2-5 times larger.


What can you do to reclaim your body after you’ve done Halloween candy damage to your body? Other holidays are also approaching fast and there will be parties to attend. You want to look great when you are pulling on that black dress or fancy outfit at some party in Boston or wherever your travels take you.

Forever Slender MedSpa Body Wraps are the solution when you need to shrink your body fast. They are designed for inch loss, not weight loss, so proper expectations should be set. We will measure multiple areas of your body and we have long stated you will lose 3-15 inches off your first wrap or it will be free.

We also offer CoolSculpting® Elite and have long been a leading provider in Massachusetts, with so many happy patients seeing results it has been truly amazing. CoolSculpting® permanently kills fat cells so you’ll never have a better nonsurgical solution.

Nearly everyone who has fat to lose can be effectively treated by CoolSculpting®. The technology is brilliantly simple – kill fat cells through a cold temperature treatment at a temperature which does not affect surrounding tissues. The best candidates are generally within 30 pounds of their goal weight and have realistic expectations of their results.

CoolSculpting® is nonsurgical, meaning it is a lower risk method to eliminate fat with little to no downtime. Forever Slender MedSpa offers CoolSculpting Elite, the most technologically advanced version of CoolSculpting opimized for fat cell killing. On average, 20-30% of the fat cells in the area we treat will die and be eliminated from your body, never to return.

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