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How Much Do I Need to Exercise to Burn Off Favorite Food Calories?

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Reasons Why You Get Fatter

There are a whole lot of reasons why people gain or lose weight. Generally, those reasons fall into the following categories. 

  1. Too Much Calorie Intake – You Ate Too Much, so you added pounds! 
  2. Not Enough Exercise – Exercise Burns Calories both while exercising and when you are not exercising by raising your metabolic (calorie burning) rate. 
  3. Stress - Stress Can increase cortisol levels, increasing fat around the middle of your body 
  4. Water retention – Causes include hormones, salt intake levels and more.

I Ate a Lot. How Much Do I Need to Exercise to Eliminate Those Calories?

Okay take a deep breath. Let’s evaluate the damage, how many calories are in popular foods and how much exercise is required to counteract them!

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