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How To Get Rid of Man Boobs

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No guy wants to have Moobs - Man Boobs. That doesn’t mean some of you don’t have them - some of you unfortunately do - but Forever Slender MedSpa in Wayland, MA can trim your male chest fat and give you the chest you really want!

What are Moobs?

Moobs can have several causes, but most often are as a result of excess fat and weight throughout the man’s body. The location of those fat deposits on an individuals body vary from person to person and some men who are not very overweight may be naturally prone to breast fat tissue growth.

Gynaecomastia can also cause male breast growth, sometimes more on one side than on the other. Frequently gynaecomastia occurs during puberty or as men age as testosterone levels drop. Men who have breast growth during puberty are also more likely than others to experience it later in life.

Many men who have swollen breasts are embarrassed by them and would like to eliminate those fatty deposits from their chests so they can have a more typical male chest. Fortunately there are fantastic options available. Forever Slender MedSpa not only offers CoolSculpting, we offer DualSculpting which means we can treat two areas at the same time!

MedSpas are not just for women anymore. Men come to Forever Slender MedSpa for Botox, Laser hair removal and Body Contouring and other services to look and feel younger and enhance their appearance.

Get your chiseled chest – there’s a reason dudes with ripped torso’s walk around bare chested in public a lot more often than flabbier guys.

Chest Fat CoolSculpting

If your chest has accumulated extra fat, you will probably want to address it. CoolSculpting is not approved for treating women’s breasts because women have other glandular tissues but it works great for men’s chests. CoolSculpting kills approximately 25% of fat cells in subcutaneous tissue in the area treated.

Male Chest CoolSculpting is completely safe and helps sculpt men’s chests by selectively killing and eliminating fat cells. Many men love the idea of getting their chests trimmed and contoured with our DualSculpting CoolSculpting systems. Click here for more information about who makes an ideal candidate for any CoolSculpting procedure.

Our experienced Forever Slender Team has performed well over 2,500 CoolSculpting procedures and we perform treatment in half the time since we have two CoolSculpting machines. We can DualSculpt your chest and give you back both the chest you’ve always wanted and the rest of your day!

Nearly everyone with fat to lose can be effectively treated by CoolSculpting. The technology is brilliantly simple – killing fat cells using a nonsurgical, FDA cleared cold temperature treatment which doesn’t affect surrounding tissues. The best candidates are generally within 30 pounds of their goal weight and have realistic expectations of their results.

For your free consultation, call or text Forever Slender MedSpa at 109 Andrew Ave Wayland, Massachusetts 01778 at (508) 733-4370. We’ll make you look and feel happier and more confident about your body!

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