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How To Remove Pimple Created Hyperpigmentation Dark Spots

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If you have ever dealt with the unpredictability of acne flareups, you’ve dealt and lived with their associated frustrations. One day you think you can declare victory because you finally managed to get in under control and then looking in the mirror the next day you can’t help but focus on the leftover acne scars or hyperpigmentation created dark spots.


Forever Slender MedSpa now has the most permanent Laser Acne Treatments available anywhere. There is no way to know exactly how long it lasts since the treatment is only a few years old but after the three treatment regimen is complete, our patients have shown amazing, long lasting results with high clearance rates.

How to Control Your Acne Breakout

There are multiple ways to treat acne breakouts. At Forever Slender MedSpa in Wayland, Massachusetts, the #1 medical spa in Massachusetts, we take a step-by-step approach to acne and evaluate all options to determine the best process for you. First, we will treat to stop the acne breakout, then we will use our many top-notch processes and procedures to eliminate and scarring or remaining dark spots.

Unlike so many other places, we have tools to analyze what is going on below your skin surface to treat your skin issues before they have even become visible.

Vitamin C Is Your Friend

The internet offers a thousand ways to treat scarring, such as any of a zillion different home treatments, aloe vera or lemon juice. Maybe they helped a little, but probably they did not help enough.

Once those dark spots and scars have healed, bring on the antioxidants! Get some Vitamin C in the morning to prevent excess melanin deposits. Of course, the Forever Immune Drip will help too!:) We also recommend a solid retinoid treatment regimen.

How to Protect Your Acne Scars, Melasma and Dark Spots

Cover up and wear high quality sunblock! When you have skin damage acquired from acne, melasma and other skin problems, you don’t want it to get worse! While store bought skin block is sometimes better than nothing, sometimes it isn’t.

To nobody’s surprise, studies show medical grade sunblock’s offered by Environ and SkinMedica are significantly better than off the shelf sunblock you can find online or at a drug store or a supermarket. Protect yourself from the warm but skin damaging sun and screen light with high quality sun blocks.

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