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How to Stay Fit During Winter Lockdown

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2020 has been a tough year to stay in shape, and as we head into winter, it will be an even greater challenge to keep the fat away. Gym’s have closed due to the pandemic and may close again. Many of you are rightfully afraid to take a risk of going to gyms because of potential sanitation questions.

Forever Slender MedSpa in Wayland, Massachusetts has some terrific solutions to keep you slim and fit through the new year and beyond. As the #1 Medical Spa in Massachusetts, sanitation has always been a priority for us and we have instituted greater protections for our patients and staff alike, including ensuring everyone fills out wellness forms before entering our environment. Masks are always in use and we screen for high temperatures before entry.

Forever Slender MedSpa will keep you strong and lean when you can’t go to the gym by following two easy steps…

Step One

We address the fatty areas of your body you’d want to reduce. Forever Slender MedSpa is The Best Place For CoolSculpting in Massachusetts for a reason! We have performed thousands of services and deliver terrific results! We’ll freeze your fat, killing your fat cells and make those fat cell leave your body.

You can expect to lose approximately 25% of the fat in the area treated in your first session and can lose more with additional treatments. Get rid of all the high sugar flavored coffees and soda’s you’ve consumed and then carried on your body for years. We can DualSculpt instead of simply CoolSculpt and save you time by treating you in two places at the same time! We love CoolSculpting so much we do it twice as much as everyone else!

Step Two

We build your up your muscles and develop beautiful muscle tone with CoolTone. You never could have done developed in a gym what we can do for you in our medical environment even if you were at the gym killing yourself every day. You’ll be ahead of the gym rats without killing yourself working out!

When we decided to get into the muscle building business, Forever Slender MedSpa demanded the best muscle building technology to offer to our patients. CoolTone can’t be beat! In a series of 6 treatments over two weeks you’ll build your muscles and then you’ll come back once a month to maintain the muscle you’ve built. One half-hour abdominal session is equivalent to doing 25,000 sit-ups! Work those butt muscles and build those flabby thighs into head-turning beauty in just a few sessions!

Whether you are a woman looking to tone up or a guy looking to get ripped, we can change your life. Results will always vary as some people naturally build muscle more rapidly than others but everyone will build core muscle to look great and improve your heath - no matter what your age!

We are obviously the #1 Medical Spa in Massachusetts for Fat Reduction and Muscle Building! Come to us because there isn’t any reason to go somewhere else when you want real results!

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