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Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle!

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My Belly and Flank Fat Have Got to Go!

Have the years been rough on your body, with fat relentlessly accumulating and with every fiber of your mind and body hating every last inch of flab? We hate fat too, but be careful, there are right ways and wrongs ways to lose fat. If you are not careful you will end up with more fat than you started, even though you took extraordinary measures to lose fat.

Many people think making drastic caloric reductions is the way to go and for a while you will lose weight if you are starving yourself. What ends up happening is not what you desire.

The Starvation Mode Quadruple Whammy!

Your body will eventually sense the lack of available provided calories and will go into “starvation mode”. This is what happens next:

  1. Your body will dramatically slow down its metabolic rate
  2. Your slowing metabolism will give you far less energy and you will burn fewer calories!
  3. While losing weight through major calorie reductions, 25% of weight lost will be muscle.
  4. Muscle loss results in further metabolic slowing, less energy and even lower calorie burning.

Lose Fat and Build Muscle!

There is a better way to lose fat and then build muscle and it doesn’t require hours at the gym. Stop wasting your time and money with mediocrity! You can look great again soon since Forever Slender MedSpa is widely acknowledged as the #1 MedSpa in New England for Fat Reduction and Muscle Building!

Eliminate Fat Without Losing Muscle

Forever Slender MedSpa delivers impressive CoolSculpting results. We have the new CoolSculpting Elite machines, allowing us to DualSculpt patients - treating multiple areas at the same time while getting better fat killing results than before.. We are often asked by other providers to serve as a training resource. Experience matters to provide patient results and DualSculpting cuts treatment times in half!

Transform Fat Into Muscle

CoolSculpting Elite will kill 20 - 30% of your fat cell in the treatment area each time without harming your core muscles. Our recommended second round of treatments will kill 20-30% of the remaining fat in the tratment area. You’ll look awesome without the fat - but you are only halfway to fantastic!

CoolTone builds muscle in 6-8 sessions. You’ll feel the workout - no gym required.

Benefits of CoolTone:

  1. Raise your metabolism by adding calorie consuming muscle
  2. Improve Core Muscle Strength -
    1. Better health for younger people
    2. Fewer slips and falls for older folks
  3. Look Awesome
    1. Tighten those abs!
    2. Lift up and round up your butt!
    3. Sculpt your thighs!

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Forever Slender MedSpa, in Wayland, Massachusetts and Norton, Massachusetts offers trained, results oriented, medical professionals. Eliminate fat, build muscle and look and feel more confident. Sounds like a plan to us! Check out our Procedures here!

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