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Thin Lips Due To Aging

Your face, neck, body, and lips all start to lose collagen as you age. The average person loses 1-2% of the collagen in their lips every year from the age of 25 on average, with some unlucky men and women losing collagen slightly faster.

When the lip collagen disappears, the lip skin will be less full and thin lip lines will appear. Those lines will become thicker and more prevalent over time, as the collagen continues to disappear.

Women in particular also will lose the appearance of fuller lips because of lowered bone density. The reduction in bone density can cause your lips to sink back into your face, giving women a double whammy of lip volume loss.

Add Lip Fullness

Women of all ages come to Forever Slender MedSpa for this and many other reasons. This lovely woman in her late 20’s just wanted to have fuller lips because she never felt good about the thinness of her lips before and wanted to be able to show them off. We were able to give her the lips she had always wanted!

Juvederm Ultra Plus for Lips

Forever Slender MedSpa is the go-to location for our patients from all over New England. This particular woman received Juvederm Ultra Plus after we recommended it to her as the proper lip enhancer for her to achieve her goals. For other individuals there are other options which may be recommended. We take the time to review all options for our patients so they really understand how to achieve maximum results.

Check out Forever Slender MedSpa’s Results! We’ve had thousands of happy patients for our services!

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