Recovering After Holiday Eating Disasters

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We have all had eating regrets after holidays. Halloween comes along and there’s more candy available than trick or treaters. A few days later and candy which should have lasted you a month has already disappeared. Thanksgiving comes along and look at all that stuffing and delicious, high carbohydrate potatoes! And those pies! So good, and so bad too!

This year’s Thanksgiving eating disaster could have been avoided if you’d read last year’s Thanksgiving Meal Planner Blog Post Forever Slender MedSpa in Wayland, MA submitted for your benefit in 2019!

When your fat cells swell after all that eating, we recommend slimming your body by killing off with some fat cells with CoolSculpting and then toning up your muscles with CoolTone. It may seem too good to be true but Forever Slender MedSpa is the #1 Medical Spa in Massachusetts for good reason!

We offer great CoolSculpting Results which is why our patients trust us above all others. Experience rules, and we know how to deliver body treatments which work! Cut your fat and build toned muscles too! One 30 minute CoolTone session on your abdominal muscles at Forever Slender MedSpa is the equivalent of doing 25,000 sit-ups! How long would it take you to do 25,000 sit-ups? Do you have a high school athlete looking for a scholarship edge? Are you an adult looking to build core muscle strength for health and fitness reasons?

We’ve done thousands of CoolSculpting treatments on men, women, and people of all ages and sizes. Our Patient Testimonials will enable you to know why we have a 5-Star Google Rating and a 4.8 Star Facebook rating!

Athletes at all levels want to build muscle - High School, College, Professional and Weekend Warriors all want more muscle, which is why CoolTone should be your muscle-building go-to tool. Learn More about CoolSculpting vs. CoolTone here.

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