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Regrow Your Own Hair Using Microneedling With PRP and RF

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Are you asking yourself “Why is my hair falling out?” If you are, you are not alone. Baldness and thinning hair affects millions of men and women across Massachusetts and the United States each year.

While we all start with roughly 100,000 hair follicles when entering adulthood, many men and women start losing hair throughout their 20’s and throughout the remainder of of lives. Fortunately Forever Slender MedSpa in Wayland, Massachusetts and Norton, Massachusets has the right solution and has demonstrated hair regrowth results

Male Hair Loss

Approximately 20% of all men show noticeable androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) by age 20. More than half of all men will demonstrate serious hair loss by age 50. By the age of 60, two out of three men will display baldness. Caucasian and Afro Caribbean men are more likely than other races to lose hair but hair loss affects nearly all groups of men.

Women’s Hair Loss

Women also struggle with hair loss from a variety of causes. Women’s hair loss can result from pregnancy, thyroid issues, anemia and a multitude of autoimmune disorders. While the majority of hair loss focus has been on men, more than 50% of all women will also eventually suffer alopecia (thinning hair).

Can Microneedling With PRP at Forever Slender MedSpa Regrow My Hair?

Yes! Take a look at how we were able to help this man in his 40’s using Microneedling with PRP and RF! The after picture was taken three months after just one session of microneedling with PRP and RF.

We recommend multiple sessions for even better regrowth results, but there’s no doubt he has a lot more hair than he did before the treatment. Both men and women can experience fantastic results, leaving you closer to the thicker, fuller hair of your youth.

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