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The COVID-15

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Uh Oh! A new survey of Americans has found 65% of Americans have “Let themselves go” during this COVID-19 pandemic and the average person has gained five pounds since the beginning of March. Two thirds of us believe we’ve eaten more unhealthy foods since the start of quarantine.

Half of the respondents stated they were concerned they might never get their pre-COVID bodies back at all! Not good!

Why has this happened? Well, obviously the gyms have been shut down, our routines have been completely disrupted and too many of us have taken comfort in junk “comfort foods” and late night snacks. Alcohol consumption has increased and research shows we are also becoming carb junkies.

Our COVID weight gain is similar to college students battling the “Freshman 15” where college freshman have been found to frequently gain weight once they are away from home and living on their own for the first time. Fully 70% of the respondents believe the workouts they have done recently are of lower quality than before.

How to Lose Quarantine Pounds

First, let’s talk about that diet. Cut back on those carbs, alcohol and find more fish and salads. Nothing will help more than a healthy diet. Second, get out and enjoy the beautiful weather with a walk or bike ride every day. Build up your metabolism.

Reverse the COVID-19, COVID-15 Pound curse!

Forever Slender MedSpa Diet Helpers

  • Carmel Crunch Bars - We’ve offered these for more than 10 years because these are protein bars that your husband and kids will want to steal from you because they taste awesome. Low in calories, high in protein, an all around winning combination.
  • Carb Blockers - Self explanatory - pop one of these and your body won’t be processing your carbs and turning them into fat!
  • KLB-5 - This kelp-based product helps drop those inches when taken before a meal. Like the Carmel Crunch bars and Carb Blockers these have been staples of our weight loss plans.

CoolSculpting to Lose Fat

There’s simply no substitute for CoolSculpting Elite. You’ll walk into Forever Slender MedSpa for your free assessment of your problem areas, we’ll show you how we can help you lose inches, schedule you for your appointment and a few months later your body will look better than it has in years!

Want to learn about CoolSculpting Pros and Cons? Or to learn if you are a CoolSculpting Candidate?

Tia Booth, “The Bachelor” contestant and Forever Slender MedSpa client.

Tia Booth, “The Bachelor” contestant and Forever Slender MedSpa client.

Importance of a Good Consultation

You should always get a proper consultation with a trained professional to learn more how your treatments work, the results you can expect and the potential side effects you may endure.

A proper consultation will allow you to help determine how many sessions you will need and how well procedures will work on your given skin type.

Need Help Choosing Products and Treatments?

Don’t worry! That’s why we have experts here at Forever Slender MedSpa! Come experience our free skin analysis and take advantage of the expertise of our trained team, top rated equipment and our fantastic medical grade products and services!

About Forever Slender MedSpa

We can help you turn back the clock and look great. You want great results and we offer tremendous medical grade services and the expertise to choose great products and treatments for your individual needs.

Want to learn more about treating skin problems? check out this blog post. Schedule a CoolSculpting Elite or other treatment on our web page www.foreverslendermedspa.com where you can create a profile and choose an appointment.

You’ve never had a better analysis of your skin and body issues and a plan to treat those issues than you will experience with Forever Slender MedSpa! We have patients from all over the Boston, Metrowest, Southeast and Central areas of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire too!

Forever Slender MedSpa cares about you and your health. We are excited for the opportunity to show you how we can make you feel better about your body and skin.

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