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Make Your Lips Kiss-ably Awesome!

Why is lip filling one of the most popular lip fillers now? The reason is there’s never been better technology than there is available today. Juvederm and RHA 3 and RHA 4 are tremendous fillers which, in the right hands, can give the recipient full, beautiful lips – maybe better than they ever had been before!

Why Lips Lose Volume Over Time

As time goes by, we all lose collagen and fat in our faces and necks. By fat, we aren’t talking about the fat you get when you eat too many carmel latte’s and your face and body explodes. (refer to CoolSculpting Elite for help with that)! No, what we are talking about here is the “good” and natural fats which keep us looking young.

We all are born and live our younger years with fat pads in our face which keep our cheeks high and the area under our eyes full and youthful. As we age and lose collagen – 1% per year from age 25 onwards, our face begins to sink. Those fat pads in our faces begin to sink down and change our “triangular” faces to more “rectangular” one. 


Forever Slender MedSpa, the #1 Medical Spa in Massachusetts

This woman found out why Forever Slender MedSpa draws clients from not only all over Massachusetts, but also from many states around the northeastern United States. We provide fantastic results to all of our patients. We are also #1 in CoolSculpting Fat Treatments and CoolTone Core Muscle Treatments as well! 

Face, Skin and Neck Treatments

Many patients also come for help with their face, skin, wrinkle and acne concerns. Once you’ve seen our face analysis technique, you’ll know our analysis techniques are dramatically better than any you’ve experienced before.

We offer high quality face, skin and neck treatments - Injectables, Microneedling RF with PRP, remove spots, warts, hair and regrow lost hair too! Check out all our procedures!

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