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What is Laser Hair Removal?

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Tired of all the shaving? We all are!!!

Actually, many of our patients in the MetroWest and Southeastern areas of Massachusetts no longer have this problem, since Forever Slender MedSpa can effectively reduce unwanted hair with our proven techniques. Before we talk about what we can do for you, let’s talk about other hair removal methods.

Electrolysis – Can treat hair but attacks one hair at a time, meaning the treatment will take a very long time.

Home based hair removal products – There are a wide variety of home-based treatment products. Generally, these treatments are less powerful than other methods since untrained people will be using them so they take longer to use and also require a lot more time to see results. Home-based hair removal products include both mechanical treatments as well as various lotions and creams.

Shaving – A short-term, wasted effort because the hair will regrow quickly.

Waxing, Epilating & Threading – These methods pull the hairs out by the roots but many people report hair re-emergence in days.

Laser Hair Removal – At Forever Slender MedSpa, we’ve treated hundreds of men and women for unwanted hair using laser hair removal, enabling our patients to go home feeling happy about themselves.


As with the treatment techniques just mentioned, laser hair removal is properly termed a reduction of hair rather than complete elimination of hair.

To gain optimal results, a series of 6-12 treatments should be performed approximately 6 weeks apart from each other. This gap is important because hair grows in stages and it is important to laser the hair during the growth stage in order to kill the hair growth.

The number of sessions required can vary because some people have thicker hair and certain areas of the body are more sensitive and require lower intensity settings. Darker hair generally is easier to treat than very light or grey hair.

We can help determine the proper treatment technique for you to obtain optimal results with a free consultation by our trained medical staff.

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