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Why Forehead Wrinkles Appear

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Frontalis Muscle Concerns

Those wrinkles which appear on your forehead are due to the movements of the frontalis muscle. Each time we lift our eyebrows we raise them through the contraction of our frontalis muscles. When the frontalis muscles contracts, the skin on the forehead raises and creates those lines.

Why Not Everyone Wrinkles at the Same Rate

There are many reasons why some people show wrinkles earlier than others at the same age. These issues include:

  • Rate of Collagen Loss
  • Fat Pad Movement
  • Skin Tone
  • Sunblock Usage
  • Expressiveness
  • Alcohol Consumption Rate
  • Sleep

Collagen Loss

The average person begins to lose collagen at the rate of one percent per year beginning at the age of 25. This since this 1% loss rate represents an average, some people will lose the collagen at a faster rate and others will lose it at slower rate. The age of 25 for the start of collagen loss is also an average, meaning some people will begin losing collagen before 25 and others later.

Fat Pad Movement

While the loss of collagen is a major reason our skin begins to sink, it is not the only reason. We are born with fat pads in our faces which help to give us our youthful shapes. We are not talking about being overweight or the effects of being overweight on the face, this is your natural, supportive, “Good Fat.”

As we age, those fat pads begin to droop down our faces, leaving gaps. This is also the reason we develop hollows around the eyes and cheeks, which are often fixed with fillers or procedures like our UltraLift.

Skin Tone and Sunblock Usage

These two issues go hand in hand, so we are combining them here. The ultraviolet light from the sun is destructive to our connective tissues and contributes to skin cancer development. All skin types should extensively use sunscreen.

As people with fairer skin have undoubtedly noticed, lighter skin types burn much more easily than darker tones. This damage rate is also true for the wrinkle development rate, people with lighter skin develop wrinkles at a much faster rate than those with darker skin tones. The regularity with which we use sunblock plays a significant role in our wrinkle development profile.


How often do you raise and lower your eyebrows when you speak to someone? Some people are very “expressive” with their eyebrows, moving the quite a bit, and other people barely move their eyebrows at all. While this is not something we can easily naturally control, the number of times we raise and lower our eyebrows also affects our rate of forehead wrinkle development.

At Forever Slender MedSpa, our team uses neurotoxins such as Botox, Xeomin and Dysport to reduce frontalis movement and limit wrinkle development.Before and After

Alcohol Consumption

We hate to be the party poopers, but those margaritas also are causing your skin to age. Some studies have particularly linked heavy alcohol consumption with wrinkle development in the upper face and forehead.

Poor Sleep

A good night sleep reduces inflammation, resets the brain, and helps many of your body’s functional maintenance programs. Unfortunately for beauty seekers who do not sleep enough, you are also harming your skin and will be more likely to develop wrinkles. The “Getting Your Beauty Sleep” concept is not just for fairy tales - it is very real and effective!

Forever Slender MedSpa, Massachusetts' #1 Medical Spa

Neurotoxin usage with Botox and Dysport have been growing exponentially around the world. Dermal Fillers for filling in eye and cheek hollows, building lip volume, etc., have also grown year after year because study after study have shown them as safe and effective treatments. Forever Slender MedSpa, the #1 Medical Spa in Massachusetts located in Wayland, MA and Norton, MA has repeatedly proven there are effective wrinkle reduction results available for you with our Botox,  Filler, UltraLift and treatments and procedures.

We have recently started using an even more effective injectable treatment called Daxxify, which is based upon peptide technology and lasts longer than Botox. We have also started to use HSA peptides as well, which provide more natural results.

Forever Slender MedSpa has become so trusted because we take the time to rigorously evaluate your individual concerns before treating you. Every new client who walks through our door is provided a free face and neck evaluation; with a quality you will not find elsewhere.

We track every client every three months to ensure you are progressing according to the plan set up for you so you will stay ahead of your face and neck issues. With our high-tech analysis devices, we see below the visible layer of your skin to see developing issues not yet visible. Our process enables you to stay wrinkle free and eliminate unwanted spots of assorted colors before they surface for the world to see. If you can stay beautiful longer, why wouldn’t you?

We also recommend upping your collagen and skin elasticity with medical grade Environ treatments and serums which are available at Forever Slender MedSpa, the #1 Medical Spa in Massachusetts.

Face, Skin and Neck Treatments

We are also loved for our face, skin, wrinkle, and acne treatments. Our high-tech face analysis finds wrinkles, spots, and other issues before they are visible. We find issues underneath your dermal layer and will help you choose a plan to stay looking young.

We have patients who have lost decades of wear from their faces and necks. Our skin analysis techniques are dramatically superior to any other you may have experienced.

Check out other amazing Forever Slender MedSpa procedures here!

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