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Why Women Hate Forehead Wrinkles!

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No One Wants to Look Old!

The first thing we present to one another when we meet are our faces and like it or not, most people are judgy. We watch our friends, acquaintances, family and random people and they watch us too. Foreheads are a big part of our heads and no matter how much we preach we are a different society and that we ourselves are different, that mirror doesn’t lie. The toughest graders of our own appearance is us!

Are There Ways to Stop Forehead Wrinkles?

Yes! First off, protect yourself when you are going out into the sun – even when it’s cloudy! Sun radiation damage accumulates every day, and while some blazing summer days will cause more damage than rainy and cloudy days, they all count! Wear your sunblock!

At Forever Slender MedSpa, we offer several medical grade sunblocks which will protect your skin much better than standard pharmacy versions. The high quality we offer in all our products and services is why we take tremendous pride in being regarded as the Best Medical Spa in Massachusetts.

If you are developing wrinkles or already have them, there are other options to consider, like Botox , Xeomin, Daxxify and other neurotoxins. We also offer a wide variety of fillers (Juvederm, Voluma, Vollure, and others) for other areas of the face and neck and will choose the appropriate one for your needs.

Check Out How Neurotoxins Smoothed Her Forehead Wrinkles!

This woman in her 30’s very much disliked the wrinkles which were appearing on her forehead and called us at Forever Slender MedSpa for help. She is so excited to have a wrinkle free forehead once again!


What about Guys and Forehead Wrinkles?

Guys also develop forehead wrinkles. In fact, when guys get them, they generally need a higher dosage of neurotoxins (Botox or others) because the way Botox and other neurotoxins work is they enable muscle relaxation. Since dudes have stronger muscles, they also need more neurotoxin to get the desired muscular relaxation which leaves their face smoother.

Face, Skin and Neck Treatments

Many patients also come for help with their face, skin, wrinkle and acne concerns. Once you’ve seen our face analysis technique, you’ll know our analysis techniques are dramatically better than any you’ve experienced before.

We offer high quality face, skin and neck treatments - Injectables, Morpheus 8, HydraFacial, Microneedling RF with PRP, remove spots, warts, hair and regrow lost hair too! Check out all our procedures!

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