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Why Young People Have Glowing Skin and Older People Do Not

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What Causes Skin Acne, Dullness and Other Skin Problems?

When you look in the mirror in the morning, are you disappointed with a lack of shine? There are many reasons why younger people have faces which appear more radiant.

The “glow” we all associate with younger men and women’s skin is primarily due to the skin being smoother. When you were a teenager, your skin cells would turn over every 14-21 days (2-3 weeks) on average, meaning in less than a month you would have a completely fresh layer of exposed skin cells at least once and even twice.

Over time, our skin begins to accumulate dead skin cells and thus becomes bumpier. The lessening of the light reflection or “glow” is simply science since smoother skin reflects more light. The epidermis thins out and our collagen turnover decreases because we have fewer fibroblasts. Fibroblast loss results in diminished collagen production.

By the age of 50, our skin cell turnover has dramatically slowed down. It takes the average 50- year-old two to three months to refresh the outer layer of skin, meaning the skin layers visible to the world will include many dead, dry, skin cells.

Renew the Glow to Your Face Like This Massachusetts Woman

All is not lost if you desire to keep a youthful glow! There are many ways to maintain and reclaim a younger appearance, including through dermaplaning and HydraFacial's which remove dead skin cells and spur new cell growth. At Forever Slender MedSpa, we can ensure remarkable results because before we start skin treatments, we start everyone off with a complimentary skin analysis to look within and below your dermal and epidermal skin layers.

About Forever Slender MedSpa

After starting out as an extremely popular body wrapping service provider, Forever Slender dramatically expanded its services to become a full-service medical spa in 2011. We have continued to grow to meet and exceed the health and beauty needs of men and women from all over New England and beyond. Our treatments change the lives of our patients for the better.

Face, Skin and Neck Treatments

We are much loved for our face, skin, wrinkle, and acne treatments. Our high-tech face analysis will find not only your current skin problems like wrinkles, spots, and other issues but also other concerns before they are visible. This allows you to be proactive with your treatments, rather than chasing issues later after they are more difficult to address. We look within and beneath your dermal layer and will design a plan to keep or regain your youthful appearance.

Many patients have lost decades of wear from their necks and faces and our skin analysis techniques are dramatically superior to anything you have ever experienced.

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Forever Slender MedSpa – Fat Elimination

Forever Slender MedSpa has been the premier nonsurgical fat elimination provider in Massachusetts for more than a decade. Nobody is better at nonsurgical fat elimination. Now we offer the amazing new CoolSculpting Elite technology to our patients, for even better results.

Professional athletes, Miss America contestants, contestants on “The Bachelor” and so many others have walked through our doors and experienced amazing results.

We have the most highly trained team, enabling us to deliver excellent fat elimination. We have helped so many stars and leading professionals, sports stars, beauty pageant contestants and regular people to lose fat and weight and fat, there is no wonder why our services are in such demand.

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