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Yes, You Can Have a Nonsurgical Face Lift!

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Why People Get Facelifts

While we all start our lives as beautiful babies with amazingly full faces, over time we lose that wonderful natural plumpness which we all know and love. Even if we gain weight and add unwanted plumpness, our faces and necks still will sag over time.

Once we hit 25 years old, we begin to lose collagen, averaging 1% per year. Collagen is a protein providing structure to the skin. At first the structural loss is not noticeable, but as the years add up the collagen loss does too. Fat pads in our faces and necks (the ones we want) begin to droop as the years of fighting gravity takes its toll. Our faces, once wonderfully triangular with higher cheeks, become much more rectangular with the skin once around our cheeks stretches out and sags down next to and often eventually falling below our chins.

Facelifts have long been the solution for movie stars looking to lengthen their careers by maintaining their youthful appearance. A traditional facelift involves surgery. The surgeon cuts and removes portions of the skin from the face and neck and stitched the remaining skin back together to tighten up the skin in a comparable way a tailor adjusts an ill-fitting dress.

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Do Nonsurgical Facelifts Work? 

Look at the pictures above – when performed by the right hands with the right tools you definitely can obtain beautiful results from no-cut facelifts! At Forever Slender MedSpa, our UltraLift has given hundreds of patients a tremendous lift. 

How Does the UltraLift Work?  

The UltraLift uses HIFU technology – High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. HIFU is a noninvasive treatment using focused ultrasound waves to thermally ablate tissue, which means we use intense heat to destroy unwanted tissue through tissue coagulation necrosis. Once excess skin has been removed, your remaining skin will be much tighter. 

UltraLift HIFU Benefits  

The UltraLift does a lot more than simply eliminating excess tissue. While the tissue elimination immediately will tighten the skin tissue, ensuring the patient will see results right away there is also a longer-term benefit too. The elevated temperature which damages skin cells stimulates those cells to produce more collagen.

Since a primary reason for sagging skin is due to collagen loss, regaining the collagen which give you natural, long-term improvement. This means while you will see results on the day of treatment, you will also see additional structural improvement in the months to come, rolling back the aging clock! 

Who Can Get a HIFU UltraLift? 

UltraLift HIFU treatments are safe for all skin types. They may be performed on most areas of the body and face, including the neck, brow, chin, and chest and sometimes the stomach, thighs, and arms. Ideal candidates for this treatment: 

• Are in good general health 

• Are near or at a healthy, stable weight 

• Have light or moderate face and neck skin looseness 

• Have lines or wrinkles on the face or body 

• Desire an improvement in the appearance and health of their skin 

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