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You Didn’t Gain Weight Because You Ate Too Much

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Humans are Getting Fatter

It is not just you; we are all collectively getting fatter and fatter. Women in the United States in 2010 weighed as much as the average American man did back in 1960. Both women and men gained over 25 pounds compared to their similarly aged counterparts 50 years earlier.

Our weight issues are getting worse. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states over 40% of US adults are already obese. A recent study published in the International Journal of Obesity showed the average woman born in 1990 is expected to weigh 37 pounds more at age 41 than a woman born only 15 years earlier in 1975!

Over fifty percent of millennials are expected to be obese within 20 years.


Didn’t the Extra Calories People Ate Cause the Weight Gain?

While stuffing yourself with snacks and extra-large meals is not be the healthiest strategy, a new study surprisingly indicates the number of calories you eat might be a secondary reason for weight gain.

Published in the American Journal of Clinical Medicine by David Ludwig, Lead Author and Boston Children’s Hospital endocrinologist, the study challenges the calories consumed vs calories burned model of weight gain prevention. He argues the problem is not how much you eat; the issue is literally what you eat!

The study proposes propose a Carbohydrate-Insulin Model as the new standard of monitoring weight control. Our eating habits have drastically changed over the years, with our current diets far more reliant on the consumption of foods with high glycemic loads. The average American eats far more processed and rapidly digestible foods than ever before. High glycemic foods alter the metabolisms of the consumers and encourage the body to store additional fat.

Carbohydrates cause the body to increase insulin secretion and store fats. The average American ate 30% more sugar in 2007 than in 1977 and even our bread is filled with more sugar than ever before. In Europe, Subway was recently banned from referring to their subs as using bread because they add too much sugar for it to be considered bread anymore. We’re not picking on Subway – nearly every other chain of subs, pizza and supermarket bread all have far more sugar and sodium packed into their foods than ever.

The big picture view is we need to immediately avoid eating any processed foods and should push food manufacturers to go back to making healthier foods.

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