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Bare Back or Bear Back? Time to Lose the Back Fur!

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Do you find yourself looking around when you are at the pool and are about to take off your shirt? Many people have this concern because having a hairy back often can lead to rough jokes at your expense. Nobody wants to be called a neanderthal, deal with ugly sweater jokes or suffer through any of a million other lines at your expense. You may laugh them off but over time those little dings can cause self-doubt and lessen your confidence.

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You Are Not Alone with Your Back Hair Worries

Many people are surprised to learn how many guys really are upset about their body hair. Believe it or not, per several studies, 55% of all men are ashamed of their body hair, with 20% of those men reporting they felt that shame frequently.

Hair Backs Can Keep You From Enjoying Activities

Guys with hairy backs know having one isn’t sexy and sometimes that’s an issue when around someone they have interest in since they don’t want to turn them off. 

  •  27% of guys avoid the gym 
  •  31% don’t swim 
  •  20% report a negatively impacted sex life

How Forever Slender MedSpa Can Turn Your Bear Back into a Clear Looking Bare Back!

Ready to stop worrying about those back issues? Forever Slender MedSpa, the #1 Medical Spa in Massachusetts can help you put your worries to bed. We have helped thousands of men and women eliminate unwanted hair and regain their confidence and we can help you too. 

Want hair removed from your back? Neck? Underarms? Shoulders? We can help you as we have helped many others. Are you a transgender woman undergoing transition and need to remove body hair? We’ve helped others before you, so we can help you too. We help everybody.

About Forever Slender MedSpa

Why Forever Slender is the #1 Medical Spa in New England: 

  • We care. If you walk through our door, you are worthy of our utmost respect. 
  • We deliver results.

Our patients have come to us for years because they know they can trust us. We offer free high-tech face analysis to all patients to pinpoint exactly which treatments you need. Sometimes it isn’t what you think!

Among our weight loss and core muscle building services – Body Wraps, Nutrition, CoolSculpting, CoolTone, Cellulite.

Interested in face and wrinkle treatments? Come in for Injectables, Microneedling RF with PRP, HydraFacial, UltraLift  and more.

Want to remove spots, warts, etc.? We do those and remove and regrow hair! 

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