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Botox Smooth Your Forehead Wrinkles Like This Wellesley Woman

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11’s + Botox = Smooth Forehead!

New math! You can figure it however you want. Start with those 11’s forehead wrinkles, add Botox and subtract those 11’s from your life! Enjoy a wrinkle-free forehead again!

Forehead wrinkles form over time because we begin losing collagen at the age of 25. The fat pads in our faces also diminish over time and even slip down our faces too. The fat pad slippage is the reason faces are more triangular when we are younger and are more rectangular with dangling, growing and dropping jowls as we age.

Many of our patients have been very successful in regaining their “triangular” faces by adding fillers into their cheeks and upper faces. The most effective way to eliminate holes and droopiness in the lower face is to supplement the upper face with the correct combination of dermal fillers and neurotoxins. 


Before and after pictures. Two weeks after injections!

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