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CoolSculpting CoolMini vs Kybella for Submental Double Chin Fat Elimination

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What Causes a Double Chin

Simply having excess fat is usually the primary cause for a double chin. Having excess body fat is not the only reason why you or others could have excess submental fat and skin.

  • Poor Posture – Leaning over while working on your computer or reading this on your mobile phone can cause posture problems. Hunching over can cause platysma muscle weakness. The platysma muscle connects your chin to your neck. When the muscle weakens, neck sagginess will follow. Looking at blue light screens can also cause other problems. 
  • Aging – Regardless of all our efforts to the contrary, we are always aging. Starting in our mid 20’s, the average person will lose 1% of their collagen each year and will steadily lose skin elasticity. Since our necks start with less collagen than other areas of our bodies, losing a small amount of collagen in the neck region can quickly be clearly visible.
  • Heredity – If your family members have double chins, there is a strong likelihood you will also have a double chin at some point. While a single hereditary cause for submental fat has not yet been identified, there is a gene link somewhere which will be identified in the future.
  • Face Shapes – The shape of your face also plays a role. People who have small chins and weaker jawlines are more susceptible to double chins. Many double chinned people demonstrate what is known as a receding jawline, where the chin points back toward the neck. Stronger chins and stronger jawlines stretch out the skin more and limit skin sag.

CoolSculpting For Fixing Double Chins

CoolSculpting is a tremendous solution to eliminate excess chin fat. At Forever Slender MedSpa in Wayland, Massachusetts and Norton, Massachusetts, we have helped thousands of patients CoolSculpt their way to a tighter chin. CoolSculpting with CoolSculpting Elite technology freezes and kills 20-30% of fat within the treatment area so if you have excess neck fat, CoolSculpting can quickly eliminate it, usually within a treatment or two.

CoolSculpting is a well-tested technology with millions of treatments performed each year around the world. Forever Slender MedSpa is known as the #1 CoolSculpting provider in Massachusetts, providing our patients tremendous results, which is why we have patients coming to us from all over the country.

Nonsurgical and FDA approved, CoolSculpting is an excellent choice for debulking larger necks and for treating lateral areas. It also generally has no downtime as most people continue performing their everyday activities immediately after treatment.

Kybella For Fixing Double Chins

Kybella is another effective treatment for double chin correction. While CoolSculpting Elite is a fat freezing procedure, Kybella is an injection which bursts fat cells using synthetic deoxycholic acid. Kybella destroys fat, but because it is an injection Kybella is much more directed and targeted. Kybella is a great treatment if the issue is within a smaller area.

Kybella is also FDA approved and is a treatment offered by Forever Slender MedSpa whenever the patient physical circumstances suggest Kybella is the appropriate treatment path.

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