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Get an Athletic Scholarship Edge

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Athletic Scholarship Odds

Are you a young athlete hoping to snag an elusive college athletic scholarship? Maybe you have a high school student at home with a shot at college athletic glory. With the ever increasing cost of four year colleges and universities, a college scholarship can really open up opportunities and minimize the loan burden after graduation for both the student and the parent.

The chances of winning that scholarship are bleak, with only 2% of high school athletes obtaining scholarships every year. Three years ago, just over 181,000 athletes received college scholarships. With the annual cost of housing and tuition at some colleges and universities priced well over $60,000 per year, those scholarships are literally more valuable every year!

How to Gain An Edge for an Athletic Scholarship

You can count on your athletic scholarship competitors doing the same things to improve their own odds of beating you to your scholarship:

  • Working out to improve their skills in their/your chosen sport or athletic activity
  • Going to the gym/using personal trainers
  • Eating right/taking vitamins
  • Studying up on upcoming competitors
  • Reading how successful people “made it”

If you are simply doing the same things as everyone else, then where is your edge? CoolTone!

CoolTone will build your your core muscles through Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) technology which rapidly alternate muscle stimulation and relaxation in a manner you could never do on your own at a gym.

Forever Slender MedSpa in Wayland, Massachusetts and Norton, Massachusetts has been the treatment location of choice a large number of professional athletes over the years because we’re known as the #1 MedSpa in Massachusetts! We have patients coming to us from all of the New England States because our treatments work.

CoolTone is FDA approved and widely regarded as the best technology of it’s kind - which is why Forever Slender MedSpa offers it to our patients!

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