Get Your Back Back! Eliminate Back Fat with CoolSculpting

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Do You Hate Fat Bulges Around Bra Straps?

We do! But we eliminate them too, as you will see in the before and after pictures below! Forever Slender MedSpa in Wayland, Massachusetts has long been known as one of the most elite CoolSculpting providers in the country and every day we show our patients why!

Many women add some fat on their backs after pregnancy, injury, snack attacks or from a thousand life experiences. Those bulges can seem conspicuous, and we all hate them, especially in the summer tank top and bathing suit season!

Why CoolSculpting Can Cure Back Fat Woes

As Forever Slender MedSpa CoolSculpting veterans understand, professional CoolSculpting providers can kill up to 25% of the fat cells in the treatment area. 


Eliminating Fat - CoolSculpting Vs. Diet and Exercise 

Most people don’t understand the difference CoolSculpting offers when it comes to eliminating fat. While we all know exercising is great for your health, when it comes to fat cells, exercise does not eliminate fat cells! Dieting will also not eliminate fat cells! CoolSculpting does eliminate fat cells!

Seem like just a sales pitch? Maybe, but it’s still true. Having a healthy diet and having regular exercise will help you greatly to achieve better health but neither of those things eliminate fat cells. When you exercise, your fat cells shrink. When you reduce calorie intake, your fat cells shrink. In neither case do your fat cells go away. What that means is the next time you pick up a Starbucks Latte, all those fat cells are lying in wait for it to grab some calories and grow larger once again.

CoolSculpting will not guarantee you’ll never get fat again, but it should be common sense to know if you have fewer fat cells in your body, you’ll be more likely to stay more slender! You have the same number of fat cells that you had as a teenager but some of those cells have unfortunately been fed too many nutrients over the years. Once fat cells are eliminated, they are never replaced!

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