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Half of Millenials and Gen Z’s Gained 28-41 Pounds Last Year

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Major Unwanted Weight Changes

This past year was brutal for personal wellness, both mentally and physically. Stress levels were at an all-time high for so many reasons – job changes and loss, school and childcare related issues, stresses associated with being cooped up for long periods and huge health worries.

Studies have demonstrated long term exposure to high stress causes receptor resistance because when we are under stress, our Glucocorticoid receptors (GCR) are attacked. When GCR receptors are attacked we are more likely to fail to fight off a cold without symptoms or to fight off more serious threats such as the Covid-19 virus. Unfortunately, this has the diabolical effect where those most stressed and worried about getting sick will be more likely to become ill! This is the physiological reason why the power of positive thinking actually works – lowered stress leads to fewer illnesses.

Stress and Weight Change

As noted in the APA chart above, no less than a quarter of people in any age category or demographic gained a huge amount of weight. The 42% of people who gained unwanted weight in the US last year, they gained an average of nearly thirty pounds! Another 18% lost unwanted weight of an average of 26 pounds. Clearly stress is killing us, and we need to get it under control to maintain proper long-term health.

How to Get Your Stress Under Control

What do you need do to regain a positive and healthy outlook?

  • Go for a run or walk – for stress release, nothing beats exercise.
  • Volunteer – We all feel better when we help others.
  • Deep breathing and meditation – find your center.
  • Smile – Research has shown even when you fake it, you start to feel better!
  • Laugh – See smile above. Don’t let your worries take away your soul!
  • In those roughest of moments, remind yourself of the good people and experiences in your life.
  • Call a friend or family member – stay in touch and grow and regrow your relationships.

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