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Why Men Need to Reverse Weight Gains While as Young as Possible

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A New Reason for Men to Lose Fat ASAP!

Study after study has documented the steady weight gain both men and women have experienced. We have discussed many of them here in the Forever Slender MedSpa Blog, such as Why Diet Drinks Are Making Women Fat and You Didn’t Gain Weight Because You Ate Too Much.

There is now yet another reason for men to change their weight maintenance habits. A large study of nearly 20,000 people who underwent bariatric surgery between 2010 and 2018 came to the surprising finding men died at six times the rate of women who had the same bariatric surgery.

The question is why men died at a much higher rate even though the women in the study needed secondary surgeries much more often than the men. The guys who had the surgery were only about 18 months older on average than the female patients and thus should not have such a huge negative result differential.

Older Men Die from Bariatric Surgery Complications More Often

Men tolerate the bariatric surgery much worse as they age. Bariatric surgery is usually performed upon severely overweight individuals who have never been able to lose and keep off extra fat weight. Overweight men handle the weight worse and worse over time, and by the time they have been ready to undergo bariatric surgery they have already severely damaged their bodily organs.

There Are Other Ways to Eliminate Fat

Nobody, neither men nor women should aspire to bariatric surgery. While bariatric surgery can be a lifesaver for the severely obese, the goal should be to avoid the need for surgery altogether since going under the knife always carries health risks, up to and including the potential for death.

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