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Body Fat is a Covid Target and Increases Digestive Cancers

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As we have discussed in this blog previously, several recent studies have demonstrated people with excess fat have significantly worse health outcomes after they contract covid-19 than more slender individuals.

Heavy and obese individuals are more susceptible to becoming infected with the virus to begin with because the covid-19 virus directly attacks the body through fat cells and hides there to escape the body's defense mechanisms. The numbers are start, obese people who contracted SARS-CoV-2 were more than twice as likely to be hospitalized, 74% more likely to be admitted into an ICU, and were 48% more likely to die than people of normal weight.

A recent study of over 367,00 people in the UK has found people carrying extra fat are also more likely to develop digestive cancers when compared to slimmer folks. The odds of stomach and liver cancers increase by 13% for every one percent of increased body mass. So many Americans have gained extra fat mass there will be a significant increase in these cancers unless changes are made.

Esophageal cancer is also increased with extra fat, increasing by ten percent for each one percent of extra body mass index (BMI). Pancreatic cancer increases by six percent for each extra one percent of increased BMI. Fortunately, these dangers were eliminated when the study participants lost the extra accumulated fat.

Crisis! Seventy-Four Percent of Americans are Overweight!

With the consistent advertisement of diet plans and never-ending new exercise fads, we would expect better results, but unfortunately, it is true three out of four people in the United States are overweight with a BMI 25 and over and need to lose fat to prevent negative health issues from arising.

Forty-three percent of Americans are not simply overweight but are considered obese with a BMI of 30 or higher.

There are many reasons why as a society we have become so heavy, but if you are an avid follower of this blog, you will know You Didn’t Gain Weight Because You Ate Too Much. There are many reasons we can gain weight and in many cases, the answer is simply we have become accustomed to eating foods (and drinks) which are not good for us.

Even the bread you see at your local supermarket has much more sugar than it once had, and we collectively eat 36 pounds of cooking oils each year. There are so many varied reasons why our diets have become so poor but surprisingly the issue is not so much about eating extra meals. It is just the calories we eat now are exceedingly difficult to process.







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