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Is VelaShape Worth It?

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What Does Velashape Treat?

As we age, many women will start to see skin dimpling on their legs, rears and other areas of their bodies. Eighty to ninety percent of women will develop cellulite at some point.  Velashape III and V-Shape are the #1 cellulite treatments available.

Causes of Cellulite

  • Heredity - Some women are naturally more susceptible to cellulite accumulation.
  • Dehydration – Very much in your control – drink more water to flush out toxins!
  • Diet – Cut back and cut out processed foods!
  • Diet – Eliminate high sugar foods and drinks!
  • Diet – Eat more fiber to prevent cellulite!


About Velashape III

The Velashape III is FDA cleared and the go-to for cellulite reduction. All the models in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows use the Velashape III before their photo shoots in order to eliminate any sign of cellulite in their legs, thighs or anywhere else!

A Velashape treatment is not painful and has been compared to a hot stone massage. After 10+ years and 5 million clinical treatments, the safety of the treatment is also well established. Treatments take less than an hour and can be done on any skin type

The Forever Slender MedSpa Velashape Experience

There is help on the way for cellulite sufferers – Forever Slender MedSpa and VelaShape! Forever Slender MedSpa in Wayland, Massachusetts and Norton, Massachusetts is known as The Best MedSpa in New England because we have a great staff and excellent tools to address the problems of our patients. For cellulite treatments, VelaShape III delivers great results, when operated by experienced personnel.

Forever Slender MedSpa has patients coming to us from more than 10 states! Ask your local spa or medical spa if they can say the same. Our patients come to us because they they want results!

VelaShape treatments are painless and most of our patients describe the sensation as a warm massage. While the number of treatments will vary from person to person depending on the severity of the cellulite and your body’s responsiveness, you can generally expect to need 6-8 treatments with follow up maintenance.

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