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Eliminating Body Fat Is Crucial to Improving Your Health

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If you have followed this blog, you have learned a great deal about the importance of reducing body fat, not only for aesthetic reasons but also to protect your long-term health. Let’s walk through some of these reasons.

Why You Gained Weight

The internet is unfortunately filled with incorrect information about all sorts of things. Among those problematic issues is a lot of bad information about fat and weight gain. Sometimes weight gain isn’t just about calorie intake, it is about what sorts of food you ate.

We are collectively getting fatter because of the choices we make as individuals, but also because food manufacturers are packing unprecedented levels of additional sugar into the foods we consume. We discussed this in detail in You Didn’t Gain Weight Because You Ate Too Much.

Beyond the reason why you gained additional fat weight is the effects on metabolism. Unlike what you’ve heard previously, the latest research has made clear aging by itself doesn’t affect metabolism by nearly as much as we’d been told in the past. Sorry, You Can’t Blame a Slowing Metabolism for Your Weight Gain.

Covid-19 and Fat

As the world struggled for several years with a pandemic, scientists across the world studied how each of the new variants attacked the body. Over time, a major entry point of Covid-19 transmission became clear – fat cells. Not only have fat cells been proven to be entry points to SARS-CoV-2 transmissibility but the shutdowns and Covid-induced isolation caused many people to add a tremendous amount of additional fat weight.

Learn more about how Body Fat is a Covid Target and Increases Digestive Cancers within our blog and How Covid-19 Attacks Fat Cells and Increases Hospitalization Rates.

An article demonstrating the additional weight this isolation caused for our society was this one from early in 2021, which discussed how 50% of Millennials and Gen Z’s Gained 28-41 Pounds in 2020. Another great post earlier in 2020 described the Covid-15.

You Can Eliminate Unwanted Fat Forever

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Forever Slender MedSpa is an Elite CoolSculpting Provider. We deliver the best fat elimination and control results, which is why so many men and women from across New England come to us for treatment.

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