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CoolSculpting and CoolTone Go Together Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter

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CoolSculpt Your Fat Away – No Regrets!

Are you ready to see fat disappear from your body – for good? Unless you are ready to go under the knife for a liposuction procedure, CoolSculpting Elite is the way to go.

Exercise and calorie reductions are great and highly recommended, but most people do not realize caloric reductions and exercise only shrink fat cells. CoolSculpting kills fat cells. Those dead fat cells leave your body and will never be replaced. Fact, not opinion!

Forever Slender MedSpa has performed thousands of CoolSculpting and CoolTone treatments, on nearly every part of the body for both men and women. We have had so many successful treatments it’s no surprise Forever Slender is widely considered the best place to go in Massachusetts and New England to lose fat and gain muscle tone. We get results!

CoolSculpting Elite patients can expect 20-30% of treatment area fat to disappear from their bodies with three months of their procedure if they are treated in an experienced clinic. CoolSculpting Elite is a nonsurgical procedure and has been performed for many years, so the procedure safety is well tested.

There isn’t anything comparable to CoolSculpting because with other procedures either the results are known to be not as good, the science is less tested or both.


CoolTone - Build or Rebuild Muscle Like Never Before, All Ages– Can't Do This in a Gym!

No matter what your age – teenager through geriatric ages, you can benefit from stronger core muscles. CoolTone is the tool which has helped thousands of individuals obtain great core strength improvements not obtainable through gym workouts.

Teenagers can get an edge for those coveted athletic scholarships. Scholarships can reduce the insanely increasing costs of going to college and obtaining a degree.

For elite athletes, the extra muscular strength can offer the edge needed to make a go at the professional level or to stay there.

For the elderly, the goals can be both more modest but more important – maintaining core strength can be the key to the ability to keeping the basic functionalities we all need to stay on our own. Weaker core muscles can mean a greater likelihood of falling, the ultimate horror for older individuals.

CoolTone thus should be viewed in terms of the goals desired. We adjust the strength of the muscular contractions to meet the needs and abilities of the candidate. If you are going to get CoolToned, you’ll want to go to where you get The Best CoolTone Results in Massachusetts.

Why CoolTone Usually Follows CoolSculpting

While not necessarily in cases of the elderly looking for additional strength, people who get CoolTone to have that tight bod usually go through a round or two of CoolSculpting first. The reason CoolSculpting is usually before CoolTone is because even though CoolTone will build up your muscles, if you have a layer of fat on top of those muscles you won’t physically see those muscles.

CoolTone will build those muscles, so for older individuals who simply want to ensure they maintain strength for ordinary activities maybe the fat removal is less important. Most people will want to see the results of all the muscle contractions you’ll feel so the removal of the fat through CoolSculpting is step #1. For best results you’ll want a package of 8 or so where you get your workout in 2-3 days a week to build up the muscles (Rome, and your muscles don’t get built in a day) and then come back every month for a maintenance session.

If you are like the 50% of Millenials and Gen Z’s who gained 28-41 pounds during the past year, you need help to regain your health. Our trained medical professionals at Forever Slender MedSpa have helped thousands before you regain their bodies again and would do the same for you.

About Forever Slender MedSpa

Forever Slender is the #1 Medical Spa in New England for two reasons:

  • If you walk through our door, we will treat you with the respect you deserve.
  • We deliver results.

Our patients and clients have come to us for years because they know they can trust us. We offer free face analysis which will show you exactly which treatments you need. Sometimes it isn’t what you think!

Among our inch loss, weight loss and core muscle building services – Body Wraps, Nutrition, CoolSculpting, CoolTone, Cellulite. We also offer tremendous diet control products.

Face and wrinkle treatments include: Injectables, Microneedling RF with PRP, HydraFacial, UltraLift and more.

Want to remove spots, warts, etc.? We do those and remove and regrow hair! too

We offer other services, but they are too numerous to list. We will help guide you to the treatments you need during the initial consultation.

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